Podcast Spotlight: Immovable Pod

UPDATE: Immovable Pod is no longer active. Due to scheduling constraints, we’ve had to put the show on hold, indefinitely. Hopefully we can eventually start it up again. For now, thank you to those who listened!


Is it cheating to spotlight my own podcast? Oh well.

It’s Immovable Pod, my new Dungeons & Dragons podcast with my friend Eric Trapp and my brother Riley Jones!

Here’s the show’s full description:

Immovable Pod is an actual play D&D podcast about typecast-prone, insecure frog-men and easygoing ex-“fantasy FBI” agents, among other things. New episodes post every other week on SoundCloud and iTunes.

In Immovable Pod’s first arc, “Underfoot,” our heroes Franklin Barnaby Jaspers (Riley Jones) and Lance (Eric Trapp) find themselves transported to a mysterious gigantic castle filled with talking mice, gossipy spiders, humongous beasts and enigmatic rats. Join them on their journey through the dark spaces of this massive castle, DM’d by Immovable Pod’s host, Camden Jones.

Immovable Pod’s theme song was produced by luvbird. You can luvbird’s music—including the song from which IP’s theme is derived—on SoundCloud: @luvbirdbeats.

Immovable Pod’s logo was created using Alan Light’s “Clouds” photo under an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license. You can find the original, un-altered photo here: flic.kr/p/6ENahT.

Immovable Pod has been a long time coming. We’ve been wanting to do a D&D podcast for quite a while, so it’s extremely exciting to finally get the ballor, the die, ratherrolling on this.

In our first episode, “Two Jacks, No Beanstalk,” Franklin and Lance are suddenly transported to the castle of  a giant named Gibrold. They’re rescued by giant, talking animals and come to the aid of some mice with an ant problem.

You can fine episode one on iTunes or SoundCloud, or you can just listen to it right here:

I’ll be back next week with another (non-self-promotional) podcast spotlight.

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