This page contains links to some of Camden’s work, including self-edited and self-published Screen Rant features, Screen Rant articles written earlier, and pieces from Camden’s time at GameRevolution, ESPN Esports, Game Informer, and the various publications associated with the Missouri School of Journalism. For examples of editing feedback Camden sent to writers, email ccj1997@gmail.com.

Published Work – Written

Screen Rant – Self-Published Features

“Why Pokémon Gen 5 Graphics & Animations Look So Terrible”

“How Valorant’s Agent Characters Are Designed With Gameplay In Mind”

“Nintendo Direct E3 2021: Every Game Reveal & Announcement” [part of a series of articles published and updated live as their corresponding E3 2021 showcases progressed]

“Wait, Is It Gameboy Or Game Boy? – Gaming’s Berenstain Bears”

“What Destiny 2 Fans Still Don’t Know About The Exo Stranger”

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Screen Rant – News & Mini Features

“Marvel’s Avengers Updates Thor’s Appearance After Fan Criticism”

“Death Stranding: Most Important New Gameplay From TGS 2019”

“Chucklefish Responds to Unpaid Starbound Dev Accusations”

“Is Star Citizen Ever Going to Come Out?”

“EVE Online is In The Middle Of An Unannounced NPC Invasion”

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GameRevolution – Guides, Features & Reviews

“Destiny 2 Ikora visited on the Moon location”

“Apple Arcade auto-renew | How to cancel Apple Arcade subscription”

“Astral Chain cats locations | All Feline Friend orders guide”

“The Wolfenstein Youngblood Switch version is the best and worst way to play it”

“Sayonara Wild Hearts Review | Full of heart”

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GameRevolution – News

“Blizzard’s Blitzchung ban leads to WoW and Hearthstone players quitting in solidarity”

“Mixer streaming hours are going up, but viewers are going down”

“P.T. cut content shows hidden details that make it even scarier”

“Minecraft player beats game without walking”

“Possible Death Stranding perfume commercial reference discovered”

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ESPN Esports – Features

“Joemeister guiding Harrisburg Overwatch team through undefeated season”

“Cougars, Saints leaders gear up for final showdown”

“No hand, no problem: Cougars top laner MistyStumpey thrives despite disability”

“Stephens College esports focuses on future, not results”

[See Additional Work for Camden’s story on the deadly December 2017 swatting incident in Wichita, Kansas.]

Columbia Missourian – Features

“Missouri’s bingo games are struggling. Amendment 4 could bring them relief.”

“How cities around the country are coping with the scooter onslaught”

“Union members hope right-to-work defeat helps reverse decades of decline”

Columbia Missourian – News

“AMENDMENT 4: Voters narrowly approve bingo amendment”

“November ballot issues bring in millions from supporters”

“MU student organizations hold voter registration drive ahead of Wednesday deadline”

Vox Magazine – Features

“Missouri farmer is up to her elbows in cattle — literally”

“Why voting matters to Columbians”

“Take your beer to go from CoMO Growlers & Pints”

“Pets and humans gather for 5th Annual Columbia Pet Expo”

Game Informer – Features & Previews

“Eight Reasons To Be Excited For World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth”

“How Hackers Are Preserving Gaming History”

“The Real-World Myths Behind Destiny 2’s Exotics”

“The E3 Games You Can Play Right Now”

“A Brief History Of Unused Pokémon Designs”

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Game Informer – News

“We Happy Few Trailer Shows Off Playable Characters, Crafting, And Stealth”

“Fortnite Season 5 Is Here, And It Brought Golf Carts”

“Showtime Announces Halo TV Series Details”

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Published Work – Video & Audio

Columbia Missourian

“Year After Year” Podcast – “Episode 1: ‘They Hurt Him'”

“Political Pop in with Josh Devine”

Vox Magazine

“Lost in the Corn Maze”

“Columbia bird-watchers offer an inside look at the activity”

“Barbecue at Roots N Blues 2017”

“Fretboard Coffee hits the road with new truck”

Additional Work

Wichita, Kansas Swatting Coverage

[Click here for the final draft of Camden’s unpublished story for ESPN the Magazine.]

Convergence Reporting

“Missouri Private Dam Owners Left Stranded Without Government Aid”

“Missouri 911 Centers Struggle to Afford Modern Technology”

“Mid-Missouri Small-Town Fire Stations Struggle with Funding, Volunteer Numbers”