Podcast Spotlight: On The Media

Ah, a sad day has come: Today’s is the last podcast spotlight, at least for the foreseeable future. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. Stay tuned to camdenjones.com and follow me on Twitter for more stuff! Thanks for reading.


Source: iTunes

When thinking about which show I wanted to showcase for the final podcast spotlight, I figured that—if you’re actually taking the time to read this blog about podcasts written by a random trying-to-be journalist—you probably like reading, thinking and talking about media.

Enter On The Media, WNYC’s podcast about, well, media. Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone, two highly accomplished radio journalists, recount recent goings-on in the world of journalism and other forms of media, providing commentary and discussions with various experts.

It’s a great, post-“news-storm” listen to help you digest all you’ve been seeing and hearing. Take, for example, the Nov. 27 episode “About that Nazi Next Door.”

The episode, which Garfield called an extra, “emergency” episode, centers around the controversy surrounding The New York Times correspondent Richard Fausset’s recent article “A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland.” The article profiled Tony Hovater, a white nationalist, as a “Nazi sympathizer next door.” It was criticized for not emphasizing the real hatred in Horvater’s beliefs, focusing too much on his nondescript, “normal” lifestyle.

In On The Media‘s piece on the article, Garfield discusses “Voice of Hate” (and the Times‘ response to its controversy) with Charlie Warzel, senior technology writer at Buzzfeed who had previously written a response to the Times‘ article.

The two discuss the issues with Fausset’s reporting, including the discrepancies between what he was told by Horvater about Horvater’s beliefs and what Horvater posted online. It’s a great discussion that both critiques Fausset’s reporting and acknowledges the difficulties in producing the kind of nuanced journalism necessary for painting a picture of the apparent “social acceptability” of white nationalists’ terror without glossing over it.

Another great episode was released this Thursday, following The Washington Post‘s work to unveil the “undercover sting operation” against the Post by Project Veritas, as well as several other wild media happenings this week.

“Flim-Flam Nation” opens with what is possibly one of my all-time favorite podcast moments, as Gladstone (who just has an awesome voice and cadence, by the way) rattles off all of the crazy media news to the tune of some goofy, circus-esque music. It’s a wonderfully written and edited piece of audio, and I recommend listening to the episode for that bit, if nothing else.

If you’re like me, then when you subscribe to On The Media, you won’t listen to every episode that releases. But when you do, you’ll gain some useful insight on the other things you have been listening to.

Like I said, this is the final podcast spotlight, but stay tuned to camdenjones.com and follow me on Twitter for more stuff. Thank you so much for reading!

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