Podcast Spotlight: Til Death Do Us Blart


Source: iTunes

Well, this is an odd one…

Til Death Do Us Blart is a podcast from the McElroy brothers (My Brother, My Brother and Me) and Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery (Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast). The show borrows Worst Idea‘s central concept: The hosts watch a terrible movie over and over again, and then they talk about it. But instead of watching a movie once every week for a year or so, Til Death Do Us Blart has the hosts watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 once every year “until the end of linear time.”

Episodes release every year in late November. The latest episode—the show’s third—is probably my favorite yet. (I’ve never seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, but this group of hosts can make anything funny.)

In the 2017 episode, Griffin McElroy reveals to the other hosts that he, for some reason, decided to watch PBMC2 synced up with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. This turns out to be a deep well of goofs, as the album apparently matches many of the movie’s scenes pretty well.

That being said, I think the highlight of the episode for me was when Batt kicks off the conversation with an enthusiastic, “Hey, let me say this…”


“Great f—ing movie.”

And a great f—ing podcast, too. There’s honestly not much else I can say about Til Death Do Us Blart. It was a perfect, lighthearted listen for my 3 a.m. drive back to Missouri after Fall break. If you’re craving more McElroy humor (and you’ve got some healthy patience), give it a listen.

I’ll be back shortly with another podcast spotlight. Fall break was a busy one, so I’m rolling out two spotlights tonight. Hope you enjoy!

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